Marketing  Comunication and Fairs

We plan marketing, communication and organization of fairs and events.

We develop appliqués and websites


introduction ..

We are a company with more than 12 years of experience in the Electronics Fair field, which is currently able to analyze and manage the marketing and communication of online and exhibition trade. We identify ourselves with the company that participates in the event, bringing them the maximum savings with the greatest profit. We pride ourselves on having in the company the direct management of the web program and a fifteen-year experience from the exhibitor of the Sign. (Rinaldo Cavalletto), which therefore makes it easy to understand the needs of exhibitors participating in our events. Wanting to stay on the theme of "Electronics", we have included in our annual fair calendar, our first event dedicated to "Svapo", inspired by the two great Fiere dello Svapo (Verona and Naples), for the context of sales, production and distribution of electronic cigarettes, which with the first edition that has given us great satisfaction in the city of Bassano del Grappa (28-29 October 2017) we have reached the highest esteem and confidence by the exhibitors of the sector, reaching a sort of loyalty, guaranteeing their presence on new future events dedicated to vape.